Smart WiFi Socket
Smart WiFi Socket
Smart WiFi Socket
Smart WiFi Socket
Smart WiFi Socket
Smart WiFi Socket

Smart WiFi Socket



Smart WiFi Power socket. The first step towards Automation.

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A Simple, Easy and Secure way to begin your automation journey. This smart socket will make your life easy to the extent never thought before. You need to download the HomeMate app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • The Smart Socket connects to the WiFi.
  • Configure the Socket in HomeMate app in your smart phone or tablet.
Timer Control
  • Switch the device connected to the Smart Socket ON & OFF at a set time every day.
  • E.g. room heater or night lamp.
Current Status
  • Get the exact current status of the Smart Socket (& connected device) anytime, anywhere.
Operate From Anywhere
  • As you would expect from any smart device, operate your Smart Socket from anywhere in the world. (as long as the socket and your smart phone/tab is connected to internet)
  • Create Automation sequences, Scenes long with other smart devices
  • Like turn a light ON when smart motion sensor senses motion.
You’ll need other Yantra Automation Smart Devices to build such automation/scenes.
Visit Yantra Automation website for more information.